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Solis is a modern heated towel rack, super-slim with a refined design look and high performance, available in a hydraulic and electric version. Produced and sold by the Italian company Hotech, the model Solis made with the Parallax model, is a small capsule collection of two pieces, developed for the international market. High-end design furnishing radiators with a precise goal: bring the style and quality of Made in Italy in the world. The aesthetic is very dynamic and vibrant, outcome of an important piece of furniture which seems like a painting or a contemporary work of art, concealing its primary function as a heating element.

Ecological Design

Significant reduction in the amount of water used (up to 30 times less) for the radiator operation.

Super Slim Design

The thickness of entire radiator it be reduced to only 8 millimetres.

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Manufacturing Company

100% Made in Italy, produced by HOTECH Design Radiators.

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