Polygonal Growroom

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About the project:

The Polygonal Growroom project was created to host flowers, plants, aromatic herbs and vegetables, a small green shelter where to defend itself from the greyness and smog of the city, in total relaxation, surrounded by the colors, scents and flavors of nature. The aim of the project is also to revitalize urban agriculture, through a structure that, besides being beautiful to look at, is also easy and functional. The small pavilion can hold over 100 different plants and is designed in such a way that they receive the right amount of light, correct ventilation and easy water distribution. Polygonal Growroom is proposed as a solution for an urban vegetable garden 2.0, in all those situations in which green space is scarce; encourages the culture of “local food” as opposed to the globalized logic linked to consumption. Positioned in the garden of the house, as well as in a public place, it requires only a small dose of patience and the right attention, to offer healthy, free vegetables, small fruits and aromatic herbs. It can be positioned anywhere and under any circumstance, precisely because it is designed to be a modern and contemporary architecture, adaptable to every need. The structure can also be “itinerant”, it is assembled in an hour and can be dismantled in the same time; made of robust marine plywood, material born in the nautical field and therefore particularly performing and resistant to the sun or the elements.

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Design Sketches

Italian design

Polygonal Growroom project by the italian designer Giovanni Tomasini, is a restyling of the open-source project realized in 2017 by Danish architects Mads Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm of Space10, with the support of IKEA. The project was revised by Tomasini, as well as aesthetically from the technical point of view, resizing some parts to make it more spacious, perfecting the structure, to make it more stable and reviewing hooks and mounting system, in order to make it faster and more intuitive to realize.

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Prototype realization

The Polygonal Growroom created here is the first example presented in Italy, in relation to this open-source design project; realized by the BOCCHIO Solutions company of Lonato del Garda, with the support of the "Associazione Artigiani di Brescia e Provincia" (Artisans Association of Brescia and Province).