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Design radiator

Parallax is a design radiator that is part of a two-piece capsule collection, which I designed for the Hotech company; the second model, from the same stylistic trait, is instead called Solis. The Parallax design radiator denotes a very "fresh" and "vibrant" line, suspended between art and design. An industrial design project with a strong aesthetic impact, which conceals a patented technology based on energy saving. The Hotech heaters are in fact made of noble metals, aluminum machined from a solid to support a balanced copper hydraulic circuit; the result is models that consume up to 30 times less water than normal radiators, in the face of very high yields, all contained in the very thin thickness of only eight millimeters. Parallax is a seemingly simple model, its design has been very detailed and complex. After having carried out an in-depth research project, to identify the market needs and the most important stylistic trends, I have elaborated and developed different design variations, and then define the optimal solution to accommodate the copper heating circuit.

Ecological Design

Significant reduction in the amount of water used (up to 30 times less) for the radiator operation.

Super Slim Design

The thickness of entire radiator it be reduced to only 8 millimetres.

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Manufacturing Company

100% Made in Italy, produced by HOTECH Design Radiators.

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