Opus Ligneum

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About the project

The Opus Ligneum project is a Made in Italy wooden piece of furniture, designed for the foreign market. The Italian masters creativity and craftsmanship are witnessed by this object, through an original and trendy design. A carpet like a parquet... or a parquet like a carpet? The answer is twofold: Opus Ligneum is a valid alternative to both the classic carpet and wooden floors.

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How does it work

It consists of modular wooden panels made in different colors and essences, which can be reversibly assembled through shiny interlocking metal joints, which are inserted into the panels and decorate them. Opus Ligneum can create fascinating geometric patterns to cover floors and walls, generate paths, connect spaces and define areas. In addition to characterizing the style of the object, the special grooved surface of the wood provides a solid grip and can easily contain technological elements such as LED lights, optical fiber, heating resistors, cables, proximity and pressure sensors.

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Italian Design

This project was designed by Giovanni Tomasini and Giulia Kron Morelli for the Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates; then developed with the Italian company HAUTE MATERIAL.

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