product design

Design radiator

Goa heated towel rail has been designed to be a radiator with a modern and sober aesthetic in compliance with the stylistic trends of the moment; mainly developed for the European market and to be placed in modern and minimal architectural contexts. The drawing is inspired by crystalline formations, precise and symmetrical, with vertical longitudinal development; two oblique cuts opened on one side, following the geometric rigor of the construction lines. Goa is an industrial design project that boasts an aesthetic which adapts itself to different home’s ambients but also denotes a precise functional feature. The side cuts are used to hang the bathroom towels, making it an excellent warm design towel for the bathroom.

Ecological Design

Significant reduction in the amount of water used (up to 30 times less) for the radiator operation.

Super Slim Design

The thickness of entire radiator it be reduced to only 8 millimetres.

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Manufacturing Company

100% Made in Italy, produced by HOTECH Design Radiators.

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