Vulcan Go-Kart

industrial design

Kart Design Project

In this project I was involved in the restyling of the rear fairing of a go-kart for the “rental” market, equipped with petrol engine. The kart in question is the model rent VULCAN EVO of EKS, a brand of EMME RACING SAS of Concamarise (VR) - ITALY. The go-kart, that has been built with reinforced frame, required a restyling of the hull block behind the seat, which originally had a stylized and not very harmonious shape. The new fairing is more appealing, It covers the structure with lines and curves in the block of the side bellies and rise centrally towards the seat. An overall improved aesthetic and even more aerodynamic has been reached through these targeted bodywork interventions The new look of the VULCAN EVO go-kart by EKS has seen the light thanks to the experience and knowhow of a young Italian designer. The restyling required a reverse engineering process; the go-kart was 3D scanned, to guarantee the necessary dimensional references and arrangement of the components, and then design the new fairing in an extremely precise way.

Reverse engineering - 3D Scan

Is design in a go-kart so important? In a fast expanding industry such as karting, where competitors’ manufacturers keep realizing new products, obviously speed and reliability are “must” requirements and even more the aesthetics and the distinctive style that characterize the manufacturers. Once the aesthetic concept has been defined, with sketches and drafts, 3D files are prepared and sent through the prototyping phase; then printed in series. As result, the new fairing reveals itself as extremely robust and with a refined design.

Kart back body kit
Kart back bodywork
Old and new Kart back bodywork
3D Project Kart back body kit
Kart back bodywork construction
New Vulcan Kart